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Terms of use

Restrictions for the use of the service

The online credit card payment services of the Zalalövő Parish website are allowed to use only by persons of who have completed their 18th year. The following credit cards are accepted by K&H Bank: VISA Classic, VISA Electron and Eurocard/MasterCard.

Services of our website

Registered users can pay their contributions for the parish, can donate or buy any publications of the Parish through the website of Zalalövő.
When paying scot and lot the following data have to be given: full name and address, and the calculated amount based on the individual’s net income. If the contribution is paid for several persons, the „Add new payer” function should be used. The payment of the scot and lot will appear in our registry by using the above data.
In case of a single donation the following data are required:

  • Full name and address of the giver;
  • Amount and aim of the donation.

Donations are accepted from both individuals and institutions and upon request the Parish issues a payment certificate for tax allowance. The following data are needed:

  • Full name and address of the giver;
  • Amount, aim and date of the donation;
  • Tax number or tax identification number.

The certificate for tax allowance will be issued and sent by mail to the giver by January 31, in the year following the donation. Any tax allowance can be claimed according to the valid stipulations. In this respect, please ask further information from a tax expert.


Service or order tracking

Registered users can track the status of their order by entering the system through secure login. The online tracking tool allows the user to use the order number to access tracking information and  track the state of their order; i.e. the order is being packed, has been shipped and the expected delivery date.

Registered users can track all of their current and past orders or payments.

Terms and mode of payment

You can purchase our publications or send your donation in a convenient and safe way by paying online using your credit card. After choosing the publication you wish to buy or set the purpose of your donation, the website of the K&H Bank will pop-up, where you can pay by using a safe and secure online transaction.

After choosing the mode of payment you have to select and click on „Payment with bank card”, and provide your credit card number and the expiry date on the secure website of K&H Bank. The following credit cards are accepted by K&H Bank: VISA Classic, VISA Electron and Eurocard/MasterCard.

Bank cards issued exclusively for electronic payments can be accepted only if the issuing bank allows their usage. Please, ask your bank whether your card can be used for payments or purchases through the internet.

K&H Bank will confirm the successful payment by providing a confirmation number. It is recommended to print out the confirmation page of the transaction. If the transaction is unsuccessful an error message will be appear.

Cancellation of an order or service

Users of the website of acknowledge that certain services of the website (e.g. payment of scot and lot or a donation) cannot be cancelled or the amount already paid can not be refunded due to the nature of the case.

Terms of complaint

If user pays a scot and lot several times by mistake or carries out a payment successfully for a person who had already paid his/her annual contribution, the user can complain in person at the parish priest who is the representative of the Zalalövő Roman Catholic Parish in the Office of the Parish (8999 Zalalövő, Szabadság tér 6.) during the official hours.

In order to prove the legitimacy of the complaint the user has to submit the confirmation report about the successful transaction initiated by the user, which was issued by the Bank for the user.

Terms of returning goods

Our buyers are entitled to return the goods within 14 calendar days starting from the receipt of the goods. Only resalable, undamaged goods can be returned, if its packaging is unopened.  Defective products can be replaced without additional charges within 14 calendar days starting from the date of receipt.

Terms of delivery

The goods ordered on the website will be sent to the buyer within 14 calendar days by mail or by a courier service within Hungary, if they are on stock at the web-store.
Express delivery with additional charges can be requested by phone or email.
It is mandatory for the buyer to sign the Acknowledgement of the Receipt of Goods upon delivery.
In case of deliveries outside Hungary the goods will be expedited as soon as possible, but no more than 14 calendar days, however no responsibility will be taken for the date of delivery.

Non-card Contributions

If you don’t have a credit card suitable for paying through internet, your contribution can be sent to:
Name and address of the account holder:

Zalalövői Plébánia,
H-8999 Zalalövő, Szabadság tér 6.

Name and address of the Bank:

K&H Bank Zalalövői Fiók,
H-8999 Zalalövő, Kossuth L. u. 2.

Account Number:


IBAN (international account number):

HU25 1040 2355 0002 6472 0000 0003



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